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Знакомства Loveplanet.ru - это популярный бесплатный сайт знакомств, уже сейчас имеющий более 6 миллионов анкет девушек и парней. На нашем сайте love planet Вы можете вести переписку, читать дневники, принимать участие в голосовании TOP-100 лучших эротических анкет с фото самых красивых девушек и парней.

General Website Rules

Website users may not:

  1. Enter location in the Profile personal information section that does not correspond to the real place of residence.
  2. Advocating violence, pornography, Nazism, religious or any other intolerance, as well as illegal activities.
  3. Begin conversation with obscenities, such as: adult services offers, massage, cybering, one-night-stands or sex with couples; erotic text (mentioning sexual intercourse, genitals, obscene scenes, etc.). Except in cases when the other user has noted in the profile that they want to receive such messages or agreed to them in correspondence.
  4. Send threatening or insulting messages.
  5. Send advertising content or links or post them in your personal profile or Blog
  6. In your status and empty profile fields specify your social network profiles (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), as well as Skype, ICQ, etc. contact information for messaging. This measure is taken to prevent spam.
  7. Send out adult service offers for money.
  8. Send out fraudulent messages (requesting money transfers, offering to send text messages, etc.).
  9. Post photo or someone else's personal or contact information if they did not give their permission.
  10. Offer your own commercial services (for example: massage, manicure, repairs, etc.).
  11. Use of automatic profile registration programs, automatic messaging and comment mailing programs, traffic generators, Like generators and similar programs that impaire website operations or mislead the users.
  12. These rules are applicable to all pages of the website , including private messaging, personal status, public messaging, Blogs, comments, empty profile fields, etc.

If the rules are violated or there are user complaints, the account shall be blocked on the website forever.

  1. User may file complaints against other users if they violate one of the rules above.
  2. Administration reserves the right to dismiss a complaint if it is not clearly stated and information necessary to assess the situation is not provided in the text of the complaint. Administration reserves the right to dismiss a complaint containing obscenities or insults. Administration reserves the right to dismiss a complaint if it does not agree with the opinion of the user.
  3. Personal dislike of a user, their way of life or opinion expressed is not a reason for a complaint.
  4. Administration reserves the right to delete comments and messages, as well as block violator profiles with no warning.

By beginning to use the website, you agree to these Terms.

Please review the complete Terms

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